Rock-A-Doodle Background Color Key Concept - ID: may22341

Rock-A-Doodle Background Color Key Concept - ID: may22341 Don Bluth



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An original background color concept that was used during the development of the Don Bluth Productions film Rock-A-Doodle (1992). Featuring Edmond, Patou, and Snipes laying on a rooftop, the concept painting was created at the studio and used during the early development of the film. Don Bluth Productions uniquely used these concepts not only to develop the scene's color palette, style, and emotion, but also as storyboards to visualize the full story development. Measuring 6.5"x10.75" overall with the image area measuring 6.25"x10.5", the concept is in very fine condition with a very slight curl to the board.

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