An American Tail Cel and Background - ID: novamertail17210

An American Tail Cel and Background - ID: novamertail17210 Don Bluth



Image Size: 
13.5" x 186"
Price: $5,000.00
SKU: novamertail17210

An original production cel and matching gigantic pan watercolor background from the Don Bluth Studio animated film "An American Tail" (1986). Featuring a stunning image of Fievel Mousekewitz running through the streets of New York, the hand-painted cel and background were created at the studio and used during the animation process. Both pieces represent actual frames of animation that were photographed and appear in the film. Measuring 13.5"x186" overall (over 15 feet long), with the production cel measuring 12.5"x16", the setup is in very good condition with some creasing and edge wear. Due to the length, the background will ship loosely rolled and the cel will be packaged separately, flat. Also included is a typed sweatbox note.


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