Clutch Cargo Production Cel - ID: janclutch9102

Clutch Cargo Production Cel - ID: janclutch9102 Cambria


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8.5" x 5"
Price: $50.00
SKU: janclutch9102

An original hand-colored, Xerox model sheet from the Cambria Studios animated series "Clutch Cargo" (1959). Featuring a vibrant image of a fancy gentleman, the hand-painted cel was created at the studio and used during the animation process. The cel represents an actual frame of animation that was photographed and appears in the series. The show used very limited means of animation, so there is not very much artwork that surfaces from this series, and due to the style of the production, many pieces were trimmed to unique sizes at the studio. Measuring 10.5"x12.5" overall, with the character image measuring 8.5"x5", the cel is in very good condition with minimal paint damage.

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